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Rock, Funk, Reggae, & Hip-Hop

This is exactly what bathrobe toating, funk thumping, international act Fish Out of Water (F.O.W.) from San Diego, CA brings you.  Over the past fifteen years, they have developed an exceptionally entertaining, all original live show by combining these musical styles into one formula known as RoPhunk RaeHop.  This high-energy act brings a positive message, captivating the audience with their music. 

Through hard work, hard times, and long drives, Fish Out of Water didn’t burst onto the live music scene in the U.S. and Australia, they grinded until they couldn’t be denied. Touring full time for almost a decade has not only separated F.O.W. from other acts, but has created a well-oiled rock, funk, reggae, and hip-hop machine.  The patience of founding members Brandon and Kyle Moon has finally come to fruition this past year.  Their 5th and most sonically sophisticated album Married to the Music has hit the road with them along with their latest single Stacking Stems.  The buzz on this album has been growing in the music community and is being submitted to the Grammy’s for “Best Album by a New Artist”.  Their hit single on the album Chicken & Blunts was in the top 100 downloaded singles on iTunes for over 3 weeks and features M.C. J-Sneez from Myrtle Beach, SC.

Growing up together as cousins born one month apart, Kyle and Brandon started the band in San Luis Obispo, CA and later moved to Southern California to pursue a larger demographic.  The two switch between bass and guitar (circa Slightly Stoopid) and share duties on vocals.  They began to do monster tours coast to coast and eventually, through their touring in the Hawaiian Islands, landed in Sydney, Australia Oct. 2011.

The group has performed well over 2000 shows since the year 2000 and have shared the stage with The Wailers, Fishbone, G-Love, Groundation, and many more. They have been on the bill for 3 Falls Festival, Earthdance, Whole Earth Festival, SLO’s Concert in the Plaza, and Panama City Beach’s Summer Concert Series.

Their discography consists of five all original albums including their first full-length acoustic album Heart the Hand.  Providing the most diverse show on the planet, Fish Out of Water continues to keep people guessing and more importantly, keep people dancing.  The rock takes you back to a day where musicians did really rock and the hip-hop is a conscious flow over a rhythmic hip dropping beat.  The reggae has a heavy ska influence but can also be a “one drop” smoke anthem.  And the funk?  Well the funk is the best part about F.O.W.  Both cousins play a mean slap bass and current drummer Ryan Blodgett is a groove player from Nashville, TN with a knack for finding tasty chops on all of the material the Moons compose.

Proving their mantra Pump the Funk and Increase the Peace (P.F.I.P.) isn’t just talk, the group is always giving back to the community.  They strive to use their music to it’s fullest potential, raising funds and donating their talent in support of such causes as hurricane relief, animal shelters, reef relief, breast cancer, and foster care.  They also work with the Wesley Burnham Foundation helping to hand out ukuleles to underprivileged youth throughout their travels.  

Fish Out of Water commands the senses, moves the masses, and leaves you contemplating love, life, and everything in between.   


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